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Inventory Files

*Sept Inventory File-2 Excel*

*Sept Inventory File -2 Csv*

Sept Inventory File-1 Excel

Sept Inventory File-1 Csv

Aug Inventory File-4 Excel

Aug Inventory File-4 Csv

Aug Inventory File-3 Excel

Aug Inventory File-3 Csv

~Orders can be processed from ANY of the last 4 posted files

~If you open a CSV file make sure to reformat the UPC column to 12 digest before saving

Weekly Action Plan

  • Download Inventory File

    Download the most current inventory file.

  • Product Reseach

    Run inventory file through your Amazon Product Research Tool. *High volune Amazon Research Tools like Tatical Arbitrage allow 10 100,000 sku files to be run at the same time*

  • Identify Profitable Items

    Pinpoint the itmes that match your sales model

  • Request a Quote

    Submit a Quote Request from your portal. You will be sent a real time invoice with updated quantities and prep costs.

  • Repeat Each Cycle

    Repeat steps 1-4 each weekly cycle with the newly published inventory file.