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Does FbaFox Sell Brand Name ITEMS wholesale?

Definitely! Almost all of our inventory is made up of branded items for resale through Amazon Fba.

Do you offer a Inventory Spreadsheet?

Absolutely! Members receive access to a downloadable csv/excel files with upc, sku and item price. Easily upload file into your favorite Amazon product research software and set your special search parameters. Once you have located your top choices head back to Fba Fox to order.

Do you have a MINIMUM order quantity?

There is not a minimum order amount per invoice and the majority of our SKU do not have a minimum order amounts either. You may see a MOQ adjustment on your quote occasionally for SKU that need to meet case size requirement.

What is the estimated lead time for my order?

Around 7 days depending on the day of the week you placed your order, placement in queue, and intricacy of your pack and prep requirements. If we require additional information from you about inventory selection or the quote form was filled out incorrectly please allow for delays.

Do i need my own prep service?

No. FBA Fox is a full service product sourcing and distribution service set up for maximum fba efficiency.  We send directly to Amazon for you.

Is my info secure?

Definitely. All product selections and payment info are kept secure.  Your success is our livelihood.

If i'm an international seller can i sign up for fba fox?

All locations are accepted! When shipping directly to fba program you will need to set up a Amazon Seller Central account ( 

do i need a amazon seller central account to apply?

Seller central accounts are not mandatory for FBA Fox membership. Users will need to activate their Amazon seller account before they order items direct to fba.  A step by step guide for Amazon seller account set up can be provided.

Is this like a deals or liquidation site?

Not at all. We supply a catalog of wholesale items that, other than normal backorders, provides a stable scalable FBA distribution solution.

Do i have access to all products in the FBA Fox catalog?

Yes. We would have it no other way! Fba Fox membership gives full unthrottled access to all products.

Can i ship products to myself for other sales platforms?

Yes you can. Extra shipping fees may apply. Ask your account reps about our inside solutions for other 3rd party marketplace fufillment!

Can i send items i buy from other places to you for Amazon pack & Prep too?

Definitely! At Fba Fox we offer 2 separate services. 1) Fba Fox Wholesale. A end to end solution, from sourcing to Amazon. 2) Fba Fox Prep. A complete pack and prep service for any amount of items from any type of seller. Wholesale, Arbitrage, Bulk/Pallet, Private Label, Foreign Import, and more