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How to Become an All-Star Amazon FBA Seller In Just Six Months (Or Less!)

Selling on Amazon is a great way to make extra money or build a second business. From books to just about any product approved by Amazon, using Amazon as your online platform is a great way to get your products to more people. 

With Amazon's FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) status, you can take advantage of the online retailer's network, support, and shipping services. But how do your products make it to the top of Amazon's search list? 

While Amazon does a lot for you, there are things you can do to become an all-star FBA seller. Here are a few tips!

Pick Great Products

Every month, 197 million people visit Amazon to shop. Do you have anything they want? 

To sell on Amazon, you need products that people want or need. As you develop your inventory, choose or make popular (or unique) products. 

Amazon FBA sellers have the flexibility to sell products from more than one category. If you're able to find high-demand products that don't fit into one product category for your FBA shop, that's okay! Give the people what they want.

Find Great Deals

Amazon sellers often sell products they don't produce. You're purchasing products elsewhere, either at wholesale costs or deep discounts, to resell at a profit. 

If you make your own products, this principle applies to the materials you use when producing your products.

To maximize your profits, buy the lowest, and sell higher. Always look for deals on the products you sell the most. You never know when or where you might find an excellent discount on your best-selling products.

It pays off to be ready to buy when you find an excellent deal. 

Keep Plenty of Inventory

In retail, having limited supplies of in-demand products can be a boost to your business. People wait in line for the next best iPhone or other in-demand product until it's available.

However, that works best if you're the only one who makes or sells a product. 

On Amazon, if you don't have it in stock, shoppers will scroll to the next third party sellers who have the product you didn't have in your inventory. 

In addition to keeping an eye out for the lowest prices when you purchase your products, make sure you keep plenty of inventory in stock with Amazon. Running out of inventory means you lose sales to competing Amazon sellers. 

Simplify to Boost Your FBA Seller Business

It can be time-consuming to shop for great product deals and replace your inventory with Amazon. Are you making enough money to cover the time you spend as an FBA seller?

Simply how you work your FBA business. From wholesale branded items to inventory spreadsheets, FBAFox keeps you stocked and ready to sell on Amazon. You'll spend less time shopping and restocking while expanding what you offer and increasing your potential Amazon seller profits. 

Contact us for more questions! We're happy to walk you through the process and set you up for more success as an Amazon FBA seller.