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How to Choose the Right Wholesale Distributor For Your Amazon Shop: The Amazon Retailer's Re-seller's Guide

Did you know that around 50 percent of sales on Amazon Marketplace come from third-party sellers? If you're an Amazon seller you need a reliable wholesale supplier. 

The right wholesale distributor can help your Amazon shop rake in major profits. Read on to learn how to choose the best wholesale supplier!

1. Understand What a Wholesale Distributor is and Why You Need One

What is a wholesale distributor? A wholesaler carries a large product inventory for wholesale purchase by third-party sellers. 

A wholesaler will help you streamline your Amazon FBA Business. The right wholesaler will allow you to purchase, pack, and ship all from their warehouse. All you'll have to do it review and pay for the products.

2. Select Your Product to Buy Wholesale and Sell Online

Do you know what product, or products, you are going to sell on Amazon? It's important to pick a product and find a wholesaler that works for you. In order to decide on a product you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you want to sell?

  • What do consumers want?

  • What price point are you looking to sell at?

  • How much variety in color or style do you want to provide?

Once you've determined your ideal product, find a wholesaler that will carry it. For example, at FBA Fox we have over 500,000 products available.

3. Determine the Shipping Process and Reliability

When selecting your ideal wholesaler it is crucial to your business that they are reliable when it comes to shipping. With between 244 million and 304 millionactive accounts on Amazon, people have high expectations. Your shipments need to arrive on time and in one piece. 

Before you begin a relationship with a wholesaler understand what processes and commitments they have in place to ensure a safe and timely shipment.

4. Understand the Pricepoint 

Determine the price point you can afford prior to selecting a wholesaler. It is okay to shop around until you find the right price fit for you. Wholesalers will each have different pricing and payment models.

At FBA Fox we use a premium membership for just $45.99 a month. This gives you access to our full 500,000 plus SKU catalog, easy online quote, payment and order, and direct to Amazon Fba shipping amongst other benefits.

5. Ensure the Wholesale Supplier has Exceptional Customer Service

The final item to consider when selecting a wholesale distributor for you is customer service. What kind of customer service are you looking for in a wholesaler? You need a wholesaler that will be there for you when you need them.

Find a wholesaler that has contact information available to you. Another essential is an online portal for seamless purchasing, payments, and tracking. Make sure your wholesaler will be there for you.

Choose the Best Wholesale Supplier Today

Are you ready to get started with Amazon FBA and select a wholesale distributor? You can save time by working with a wholesaling professional. Stress-less and work with a wholesale distributor.

FBA Fox is here for your wholesaling needs. Contact us today to get started as an FBA Fox member.