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How to Manage Your Account When You're on an Amazon Vacation

Did you know Amazon has 2 million sellers?

If you're one of those sellers, you might be worried that you won't ever be able to take a break. Think again! You can easily take a vacation while your Amazon store is successfully running. 

Read on to discover how to manage your account while you're on Amazon vacation. 

1. Amazon Vacation Mode

Did you know that Amazon is considered one of the 100 most visible countries in the US? The great part about being part of such a great platform is when you go on vacation you can decide whether you want your items to still be fulfilled or if you want your store to temporarily be paused. 

The great part of Amazon FBA is Amazon handles the shipping and labeling of your products so when you go on vacation you can still be making money. 

To change your listing status for when you're on vacation:

1. Go to the listing status page. 

2. Choose inactive.

3. Click submit.

Once this is done your items will be unavailable for sale within 1 hour. 

When you're ready to sell again:

1. Go to listing status.

2. Select Active.

3. Click Submit. 

Within 1 hour your items will be available again. 

2. Set-Up an Autoresponder 

While you're on an Amazon seller vacation, you'll want an autoresponder set up for when customers send you a message.

Even when you're away and listed as inactive, buyers can send you a message so you'll want to get back to them within 24 hours by having an autoresponder set up. You can setup an autoresponder through your email provider that'll automatically send out an email to the potential buyer. 

You can include in this email when your store will re-open. Amazon doesn't count an autoresponder as communication, but it's always better to respond to customers in some way than none at all. 

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3. Keeping Listings Are They Are 

If you decide to keep your wholesale products active, this is the riskiest choice but works well for shorter vacations if you're planning on checking in from time to time.

It's important to keep customer service in mind and make sure that items are fulfilled in a timely manner. 

4. Don't Wait to Deactivate 

If you decide you'll want to deactivate it's important you don't wait until the last minute for your Amazon seller vacation. Deactivating will only put a hold on future orders not current! Orders could be in there waiting right before you deactivated your listings. 

You'll want to aim to change your listings 48-72 hours prior to leaving so you'll make sure items that are bought are fulfilled. 

Next Steps

It's important to keep in mind how long your vacation will be and if you'll be able to check on your business.

It's imperative you let your customers know through an autoresponder so they don't become frustrated and wonder where their items are. Before you know it you'll be relaxing on your Amazon vacation with no worries at all since Amazon makes it easy to take a trip!

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