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Tracking Your FBA Performance: The Amazon Metrics That Matter

Did you know that in the first quarter of 2019, $60 billion worth of sales were made on Amazon?

Amazon is growing from year to year and offering new opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere.

If you are an e-commerce seller, you need to monitor the value of your product to ensure that it is featured as highly as possible on Amazon. How to do this? Metrics.

Metrics are measurements of your product performance that indicate its strengths and weaknesses.

What are the Amazon metrics you should be monitoring?

Unit Session Percentage Rate

According to recent surveys, 65% of people purchase from the first search results page. This means that the goal of every seller is to reach this first page. How does one achieve this?

Amazon does not reveal all the details of its seller ranking algorithm. However, experience has taught that the relevance of product and unit session percentage plays a key role.


Sessions are the number of persons that visit your product page in a 24-hour period. This is distinct from page views. Sessions are unique views.

If the same person visits a product page multiple times within 24 hours, it is counted as a single visit.

Units Ordered

Units ordered are more intuitive. This is the number of items ordered from your product page.

The Unit Session Percentage Rate is the sum of these two parameters.

Performance Metrics

You may have heard or regularly use the Buy Box. This is the small white box on the right of the product page that offers the customer the opportunity to immediately add the product to their cart. It is said that 82% of sales are made through the Buy Box.

As you may have learned, not everyone is granted the right to use the buy box. It is earned through successful seller behavior. For example, the buy box will be hard for new sellers to achieve for items that already have established successful sellers.

What metrics have a bearing on your eligibility to use the Buy box?

Order Defect Rate

Reviews are crucial to a seller’s reputation in the Amazon world. This is not only because of its effect on a seller’s reputation. Each negative review or instance of negative feedback contributes to the Order Defect Rate.

Every time a customer has a negative experience because of fulfillment (commonly known as A-Z claims), or gives negative feedback or requires refunding the seller's order defect rate rises. This could eventually affect their eligibility to use the Buy Box.

Late Shipment Rate

Your product may be one of the most sought after items Yet unless you can deliver what you promise with a high level of service, you risk earning an unfavorable Late Shipping Rate.

Avoid this by ensuring that your products are in stock and ready to go. This will avoid cancellations and shipping delays. Both of which affect your chances of getting in the Buy Box.

Amazon Metrics and Much More

If you are an e-commerce seller and are looking to expand your business, amazon metrics are a crucial part of your business. A high rating means more sessions and product purchases.

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