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5 Biggest Amazon FBA Success Stories to Date

Often, more than 50% of businesses fail within their first year. No entrepreneur starts a business hoping to fail. It’s the reason why the majority of entrepreneurs evaluate their odds of success before investing in resources.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to add gas to your business.

Business is synonymous with risk. Despite the risks and drawbacks, you still want success because it’s possible.

Let’s cut to the chase and analyze how you can be the next iconic entrepreneur.

Read this article to discover what Amazon can do for you. Learn from the biggest Amazon FBA success stories.

5 Biggest Amazon FBA Success Stories

With many Amazon FBA success stories, it makes you question your entrepreneurial skills. Don’t let it get into your head because no success is easy.

Here are a few stories from 5 Amazon sellers to inspire you to continue pressing the button.

1. TechArmor

The brand's target is to replace the overpriced mobile gears in the market. The company operations have tried many strategies with limited success. From shipping and customer service, the success was limiting.

The founders of TechAmor attest that the benefits of transitioning to Amazon FBA are impeccable. From increasing sales, global expansion, and brand growth, the company has now outpaced its success beyond the United States.

TechAmor now ranks among the first best-selling products in less than two years on Amazon.

2. Best Costumes and Toy Deals

Michael Ward joined Amazon in 2011 with strong e-commerce experience from other online selling platforms. His strategic entry to Amazon was purposeful on selling Best Costumes and Toy deals.

Despite the rough start, Ward managed to scoop some profits in his first year. On the second year, Ward’s transition to Amazon FBA accorded him $1.2 million additional revenue.

Ward is among the best Amazon sellers especially now his operations are now global.

3. Zonlife

Chris Jones success story anchors on selling supplement products. He began his Amazon FBA investment with $3k. Jones managed to sell 500 units in his first six weeks.

The humble investment has seen him expand into a wide range of products in Health and Personal Care products.

4. UpFuel

Chris Guthrie investment in the Amazon FBA program has accorded him enormous success. The investment accorded him around $3000 within three days.

He currently offers monthly updates on his Amazon FBA, whose success is quite impressive.

5. Cirdan

After Hurrican Wilma in 2005, Barry and Lisa book-selling business took a substantial hit. The company was on the verge of losing it all.

Thanks to investment on Amazon FBA, the entrepreneurs managed to protect their inventory. Amazon FBA has helped improve their customer service, security, sales, and profit.

Final Thoughts

If you feel on the verge of losing it all with your business, it’s not yet time. The fear to fail is healthy.

You should try investing with Amazon FBA to salvage your business. The online platform could make you among the entrepreneurs on Amazon FBA success stories.

Are you stuck on how to begin your investment with Amazon FBA? Contact us or register with us. We’ll be glad to assist.