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Top 5 Tips to Succeed as an Amazon Resale Business

Amazon is the top e-commerce platform in the US. It has a share of 49% of the e-commerce market.  Founded 25 years ago, more than 197 million people in the world visit using their devices.  

There are thousands of Amazon resellers. To become successful, it takes a lot of investment. Why? There is a lot of competition.   

The good news is, you don’t have to be afraid of competition. Many businesses reselling on Amazon have become successful. Want to know how to become a reseller online and increase your sales? 

Read on and learn the top 5 tips for Amazon reseller to succeed.

1. Start with Low Competition Products

As a new reseller reselling items on Amazon, we recommend you start with low competition products. Why? They give you the right platform to establish your new business.   

As such, you get to make your name on Amazon.   

If you choose to start with high competition products, rising through the ranks will cost you a lot. With low competition products, you have a chance of winning the Buy Box. What is the Buy Box?  

This refers to the white box located on the right side of the Amazon product page. It is the location where customers begin their checkout process. To win the buy box, improve your feedback score, and price your products competitively.

2. Sell High-Quality Products

Want to establish yourself as a prominent reseller among other Amazon resellers? Sell high-quality products. By doing so, you establish yourself as an authority in your niche.   

This is important now that you are growing. Selling high-quality products also means you can charge a premium. As such, you get to improve your profit margins.   

If you choose to sell low-quality products, your customers will post poor reviews. This will hurt your brand.

3. Have a Sound Strategy

As an Amazon reseller, you don’t want to end up with few goods while they are in demand. This will leave you with no products to sell. Also, you don’t want to end up with unsold goods. 

This will eat into your profit margins as you will be forced to sell cheaply.  Before buying your stock, conduct market research.   

Is the product in demand? Is there a market for the product? Which competitors are selling the product and how much?

4. Streamline Your Operations with FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that can help you to streamline your operations. How? The service handles picking, shipping, stocking, and storing. They also handle returns and customer service.   

FBA helps to free up your time and allow you to focus on building your brand and optimizing your sales funnel. By working with FBA, your chances of winning the Buy Box will go up.

5. Avoid Low Margin Products

One of the most common mistakes that new resellers make is to sell high-quality products with a low margin. For instance, if you focus on selling high-quality phone cases, customers will buy them. But you will end up making less on every sale.   

This is not worth it if you want to grow your brand and become a prominent Amazon reseller. Before you choose a product, conduct market research, and cost analysis. While doing so, include other costs such as shipping, packaging, labeling, and others.   

Focus on Building Your Brand and Join the Top Amazon Resellers

Want to grow your profits and join the ranks of the top Amazon resellers? Build your brand. Start by creating sound marketing and remarketing strategies. 

Conduct market research to learn what your customers are looking for. 

Are you in search of FBA wholesale distribution experts? We at FBA Fox can help. Contact us today to grow your inventory.