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How to Find the Most Convenient Wholesale Supplier: A Guide for FBA Sellers

Your foray into FBA can be made or broken by the wholesale distributors you choose to work with.

When you're first looking into it, it all seems about as simple from buying on Amazon as an end consumer. After all, you just need to send an e-mail or contact them through a wholesale platform right?

While the internet has made things pretty simple overall, most of us are still at a bit of a loss when it comes time to actually find the person with our products. Read on and we'll show you how to find and vet a wholesaler quickly and easily.

Finding a Wholesale Distributor

There are a lot of directories of wholesalers and manufacturers willing to work with FBA sellers available online.

A simple Google search will find them for you for the most part, but directories have an inherent flaw that you don't run into when buying online normally: you're dealing directly with the wholesaler.

That's the reason why it's harder to find a wholesaler than simply buying an item for yourself.

You'll have to come to terms with them and try to keep the profit margin in your favor while also making them both willing and ready to work with you.

We'd suggest gathering a list of people who are making or selling what you need and then talking to each to see who can give you the most favorable terms. Your negotiation skills are key to getting a good profit margin. 

Vetting Your Wholesale Distributors

Once you've found a few people who have what you need, it's time to vet them. You'll need to weed out any producer who doesn't have good quality-control, who can't bring in orders on time, or who engages in any practices that disrupt your business.

Fortunately, you're not completely shot into the dark. When you're new to sourcing items your best bet is to check the reviews for any distributor you're planning on working with before you contact them.

There are a few important things to look for in reviews:

  • Timeliness of delivery

  • Quick communication

  • Above average quality control

The latter is an important point and how many people end up shooting themselves in the foot. If you've ever seen the wildly varying reviews on some of the third-party "generic" items on Amazon you'll find out that quality control is a major issue since a couple of negative reviews early on can completely break your sales of a given item.

Once you're assured that you have the three above qualities in place, your best step moving forward is to ask for a test item or a very small shipment to be sent to you for inspection before committing to a larger purchase.

If you've done your homework and you hold up your end, a simple e-mail or message can be the start of a brilliant partnership for your FBA business.

Learning the Ropes

It's not always easy to find the wholesale distributors which will mesh perfectly with your needs. It's going to take some time but if you're willing to spend it then you'll be in good hands.

There's no need to forge ahead alone, however, and if you're looking for an all-in-one service to manage your inventory then you're in the right place.

It's easy to get discouraged vetting distributors, so why not see if we're a good fit? Our warehouses stock over 500,000 branded items and handles an amazing amount of the process for you.

If that sounds better than long conversations halfway across the world, then why not find out how it works?